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Join & Support Tsu: The new social network idea

Oct 27, 2014  at 6:37:00 PM
Join & Support Tsu: The new social network idea

Tsu is a new social network which launched few days back. The bigger giants like facebook or twitter makes money using the contents that is created by its users.

Which means if you are spending time on facebook or twitter, you are a revenue maker for the shareholders of these companies.

Well, Tsu introduces a newer concpet. it shares 90% of its revnue with its members, which means you will get paid for the content that you create.

the sign up is invitation based.

Do you want to join > Click here for an invite 

 or use the following url link >

Value Stock picks for 'Muhurat' Trading,long term investment calls Diwali 2014

Oct 22, 2014  at 7:38:00 PM
Value Stock picks for 'Muhurat' Trading,long term investment calls Diwali 2014

Special 'Muhurat' Trading on Diwali 2014

National Stock Exchange will conduct a special session for 'Muhurat trading' on account of Diwali on Thursday, October 23.
Timing >>  6:15 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Our last fundamental pick was Ratnamani Metals (Read that post Nov 4, 2012  >>  Buy Ratnamani Metals and Tubes) and it gave 300% + in two years. Now it is trading around its fair valuations ( closed at 470)  and we give a exit at current levels. what ever it goes from current levels is extra.

Our value picks for this diwali. 
1.Sintex Industries Ltd
"Sintex Industries Limited (SIL) is an India-based company which manufactures plastics and composites. The Company operates in three business segments: Plastics, Textile and Infrastructure" 
Sintex > Close Price 87 
2.Jindal Saw Limited
"Jindal Saw Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of pipe products for the energy, water industry and other industrial applications" 
Jindal Saw> Close Price 78.10

3.Emco Ltd. (BOM:504008)
"EMCO Limited is an India-based company engaged in the transmission and distribution within the power sector." 
Emco > Close Price 37.75

# These stocks are undervalued with good margin of safety(as per our valuation method), please send mail to get the fair values.

Our fair valuation method is a try to find out the real value of a company from its balance sheet and performance. The prices can trade undervalued/ overvalued for longer time. In value investing we try to pick the undervalued stock and try to exit when it reaches its fair  value or goes over valued. What time it will take to reach the fair valuation ?? well, it depends on the performance of the company and the economy overall.

Past performance is not a guarantee for future. The price projection is based of current status of the company and valuations can change because of various factors. the author may or may not have interest in the companies mentioned, please read disclaimer before taking any action.